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Nokia 7 PlusScreenSee more, do moreA screen with a 6" full-HD + display will quickly become the most-used screen in your home. Do you want to watch and talk? Just tap to divide the screen and open two 1:1 windows. Here#39;s real multitasking.DesignBeauty in strengthThe Nokia 7 Plus is made from an aluminum 6000 series block. This phone withstands hardships and looks good. Its subtle curling and ceramic coating is the perfect combination of a great fit to the hand and aesthetic appearance.EquipmentForget about delaysYou do not have to be nervous waiting for the phone to react. The Nokia 7 Plus is equipped with the Qualcomm Snapdrgon 660 mobile platform and a 4 GB RAM memory that gives you as much power as you need, while a two-day part of battery life allows you to use your phone for a longer period of time.SoftwareThe best that Android offers and the latest innovative Google solutionsAndroid One system, which Nokia 7 Plus owes to friendly software designed by Google. Everything you need and no unnecessary extras: an optimized, easy-to-use interface, a proven set of pre-installed applications, and a free, unlimited space for high-quality photos in Google Photos5. Regular security updates and two years of operating system updates mean that Nokia 7 Plus with Android One is a secure phone that is full of the latest innovations from Google, such as optimizing for work with the Google Assistant application.Enjoy faster work readinessCharge up to 50% in 30 minutes with USB Type-CPictures with more intense colors, even in poor conditionsThe 12 MP and 13 MP dies with ZEISS optics and double optical zoom provide saturated colors and bring photos to life. On the other side, the 16MP front camera with ZEISS optics and excellent performance in low light allows you to take perfect self-portraits, day and night.Capture every detailThe new Pro Camera mode on the Nokia 7 Plus is a fast and convenient way to adjust white balance, sharpness, ISO, shutter speed and exposure compensation to get unique photos of everyday life.SoundFrom whispers to thunderWherever you are, regardless of the volume in your surroundings, three high quality microphones will catch even the most subtle nuances of sound.

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